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PONY PARTIES- for children from 4 years old upwards


Pony parties are ideal for mixed groups where some children are familiar with ponies and others have no experience.   Unusual and novel pony themed games and activities provide lots of fun and excitement for everyone in the party barn and paddock.    
The children are introduced to the ponies in the stables and paddock and shown how to be safe and make friends with them.  For those children who want to ride, a quiet pony is led around the paddock at the walk and then at the trot for the more experienced or adventurous children.  When riding, all children must wear the safety helmets which we provide.
There is a party tea room with washing facilities and a microwave and kettle if you wish to bring a party tea, or make yourself a cup of  tea or coffee during the party.
Please phone for further details and prices
Duration:  Two hours  [one and a half hours in the party barn and riding paddock plus half hour use of the party tea room]

Birthday Parties

Pony Parties & Riding Parties

RIDING PARTIES- for children from 4 years old upwards


For children who want to spend the whole party riding the ponies, we can arrange half hour or one hour riding parties.  All riders must wear a safety helmet which we provide and all beginners, very young or inexperienced children are led so that everyone is safe.
The party ride starts in an arena and is organized to be entertaining for a birthday party group of children as well as providing basic instruction.  If everyone feels confident, the riders may then choose to ride out of the arena and explore our adjoining woodland tracks which are part of the riding school and specially designed to give lots of fun for everyone.   

There is a party tea room available if you wish to bring a party tea for after the ride or if you would like to make hot drinks for yourself or any other parents and friends.

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