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A brief introduction to all our horses and ponies.

Simi -15.1hh- 

Here at the riding school for 9 years Simi is a perfect all rounder. From woodlands to arenas she anjoys all types of rides.

Lady -15hh- 

A section D cob Lady is a cheeky mare with a loving nature, she enjoys taking part in lessons and has been with us for around 8 years now.


Pedro -15hh- 

A lovely ride and a forward going horse, Pedro is perfect for all types of riders, he particularly enjoys hacking out and jumping. A popular horse with our customers.

Big Charlie -14.2hh-

A solidly built cob charlie enjoys going at a steady pace therefore he is perfect for a more nervous rider. However he is also more than happy to do some jumping and hacking too.


Little Charlie -13.3hh-

A heavy cob with a very hard working and willing attitude towards riding lessons, Charlie is a favourite on the yard.


Mary -14hh- 

A young playful mare who will do anything you ask of her, Mary is incredibly hard working and loves to go out round the woodlands.

Merlin -14hh- 

A cheeky horse, Merlin has only been with us for around 2 years, well behaved and a brilliant confidence giver Merlin has been everywhere and done everything.

Jimi -13hh- 

Jimi is around 10 years old he is a lovely pony and an enjoyable ride, just watch he doesn't undo your shoelaces!

Daisy -11.2hh- 

Daisy came to us around 4 years ago in foal and very poorly, she has made a full recovery and has settled into the yard well with her new foal, this little horse is definatly a popular one and a very hard worker.

Honey -11hh- 

Honey is a well behaved pony who enjoys taking part in riding lessons and really enjoys the woodland trails, at just nearly 6 years old she does the job brilliantly.

Ben -13hh- 

Ben is perfect for all types of riders and riding lessons whether they are walking round the arena or doing small jumps he loves to work. He also works as a driving pony.

Easy -13.3hh- 

Not currently working in the riding school Easy is a very shy pony. He has been at the riding centre for nearly 2 years however not having had the best start in life it has taken us alot of time to gain his trust. Starting off as a very nervous pony Easy's real temprament is now starting to show and he is finally starting to gain more confidence around people.

Dorothy -17hh- 

At nearly 4 years old and 17hh Dorothy is our largest horse a kind, gentle and inquisitive mare Dorothy should be joing the riding lessons next year.

Spotty - 9hh-

Spotty is our newest pony and at just over 9hh he is also our smallest, he is very friendly and loves to be brushed

Margaret -13.2hh-

Daisy's foal, Margaret certainly towers above her mother at just 3 years old, she is a cheeky and nosy mare who certainly loves attention.

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